Set includes:

1x Сontactless microprocessor-based ignition system for JAWA (6 and 12 volt modification; 6 volt only with a special ignition coil and is strongly recommended with silicone high-voltage wires)

General Information

Microprocessor contactless ignition system is a logical continuation of the development of electronic ignition, designed to work in the electrical system of motorcycles "JAWA" all models with a generator 6 or 12 volts. The software allows the microprocessor ignition by connecting to a certain sequence of output wires to select the desired mode of operation of the engine of the motorcycle.

Microprocessor contactless system is designed to enhance the technical characteristics of the motorcycle due to:

    - Stability and dynamism of the engine due to the auto-ignition timing changes depending on engine speed;

    - Reduce emissions, fuel consumption and reduce carbon deposits on the spark, by increasing the inductive phase of sparks;

    - Sustainable engine start at lower battery voltage;

    - Reducing the complexity in the service of the ignition system with an optical sensor;

    - Limitation of current and time of its passing through the primary winding of the ignition coil to protect it from overheating and rapid discharge of the battery.

Technical specs

1. Rated voltage 6-12V with grounded "minus" battery.

2. Current consumption when the ignition on and the engine off does not exceed 0.15 A.

3. The system provides uninterrupted sparking when changing the system voltage of 5 V to 16 V.

4. The system provides uninterrupted sparking when the engine speed to 8000 rpm.

5. The ignition system is operable in ambient temperatures from -25 to +60 degrees C.

6. As used in the formation of the microprocessor timing ensures stable operation of the system in all normal modes of operation.

7. The system works with standard ignition coils, but the best sparking is provided with special ignition coils

The system is installed on the motorcycle using the fasteners supplied.

The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation of the system under the conditions of operation within 24 months from the date of sale.

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Microprocessor contactless ignition system for JAWA

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